Photo: Bartosch Salmanski

”It’s like these guys were born cool”. Strasbourg-based electro-funk band The Fat Badgers have been around on BMM Records since day one, and is still without a doubt the label’s funkiest act.

The band is lead by prolific producer and keyboardist Leopard DaVinci, features Tasty Boubou on the bass, King Revel aka FLUPKE on the guitar and Skeuv L’Anguille on the drums.

They started cooking tasty funk tunes in 2012, filled with glittering french touch elements. Since then they have released a trilogy of EPs, The Fat, The Bad & The Gers, followed by a full-length album titled Soul Train, in tribute to the 70’s televised show.

They have integrated the Soul Train concept to their live shows with a simple trick: a dance carpet splitting the crowd in half, shiny disco balls and a lot of sequins. The sweat generated by their concerts has covered many dancefloors all over France and still does today.