Matsutake - 1538

An immersive and cinematic jazz album by 2/3 of Zerolex Trio, tinged with ambient atmospheres and noisy textures.

vecteur0 - 'vecteur0'

New trio from Nancy, France, delivers their debut EP of 4 jazz and electronica hybrids with subtle hints of vaporwave, alternative rock and experimental folk.

Agoro - 'No Bullshit'

New single from collaborative hip-hop project Agoro, gathering French and Ghanaian rappers Lobo EL, Cotchei, Kwame Mulzz, Lil Fyve & Khofi Koojan backed by NCY Milky Band and Achille Landois on the double bass.

mohs. - 'Mirage'

Swiss quartet mohs. distills jazz, electronica, hip hop and indie folk elements in an ocean of blissful synths while keeping a wary eye on the sound texture.

The Brothers Nylon - 'Lofi Sauce'

16 tracks compiled with love from the grooviest twin brothers in the US, now available on digital and vinyl.

NCY Milky Band - '100 Ans'

Recorded while touring, prolific French quartet NCY Milky Band present their second album of hybrid jazz, inviting us in a cinematic, melodic and poignant universe. These 14 tracks, including two collaborations with Detroit rapper Quelle Chris and French producer FLUPKE, reflect sonic photographs of everyday moments with a psychedelic sound that pushes jazz out of its comfort zone.

Various - 'Groove Dingueries Vol. 1'

12 tracks from the new jazz & groove scene of Northeastern France, Belgium and Switzerland gathered on a 12″ record.

vecteur0 ep artwork



vecteur0 ep artwork

vecteur0 EP


agoro - no bullshit cover

No Bullshit


mohs mirage album artwork



LORDS EP artwork



the brothers nylon lofi sauce artwork

Lofi Sauce

The Brothers Nylon

flupke krark ep artwork



groove dingueries volume one artwork

100 Ans

NCY Milky Band

groove dingueries volume one artwork

Groove Dingueries Vol. 1

Various Artists

zablon make it alright artwork

Don't Try EP

Nina Tonji, Jay Adams & Ben Molinaro

ncy milky band loco burn ad artwork

Loco Burn Ad

NCY Milky Band

le commandant couche-tôt lose it artwork

Lose It

Le Commandant Couche-Tôt

the fat badgers the prince artwork

The Prince

The Fat Badgers

the natural yogurt band dance the devil away artwork

Dance The Devil Away

The Natural Yogurt Band

forever pavot babysitter soundtrack vinyl artwork

Babysitter OST

Forever Pavot

Guillaume Poncelet - Haven EP

Haven EP

Guillaume Poncelet

Zerolex Trio - Hold Steady Cover

Hold Steady

Zerolex Trio

Artwork of Mentors EP by The Storm Watchers

Mentors EP

The Storm Watchers

Artwork of Mentors EP by The Storm Watchers


Léon Evangelion