Photo: Laura Sifi

Leopard DaVinci is the solo project of Cyprien Steck, Strasbourg-based keyboardist and leader of electro-funk band The Fat Badgers. He chose this feline nickname to honour the great master of Italian painting.

Since 2012, Leopard has built his own distinctive style funk out of his fascination for Afro-American music. His sweaty grooves and uptempo beats are mostly inspired by P-funk, nu disco and boogie.

Leopard also likes to explore new playgrounds, like French pop with his 2019 release Vive Le Vent EP.

On stage or in a DJ booth, Leopard DaVinci plays live on his synths, trumpet and machines and improvises solos on his home-made guitar-keyboard. This unique instrument represents the producer’s universe, a new electronic formula made to shake the dancefloors.