Photo: Guillaume Zenses

FLUPKE is the electronic alias of Jérémie Revel, Strasbourg-based multi-instrumentalist and guitarist from madcap electro-funk band The Fat Badgers.

FLUPKE has been evolving in a musical environment since his earliest years. He learnt to play the guitar at the age of 3 with his father, then was involved in various rock bands with which he built his stage experience. Through the years, he opens up to jazz, funk and electronic music such as IDM, and obtains his jazz guitar diploma in 2016 at the Superior Conservatory of Bâle. Flupke shows a strong musical background, filled with variety, that can be heard in the originality of his compositions.

IOAHI, his debut 7-track EP contains electronic and ambient sonorities, and shows a rare precision in production, perfectly balanced between boom bap-like shifted beats and deep hypnotising melodies. He covers a wide range of influences, from Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins to Siriusmo or Aphex Twin.

The French musician likes to experiment, his production process goes beyond plugins: he mainly uses his 70’s Kawai E-120K organ, his guitar and various synths, and sometimes can even record drums by banging objects on a table, or improvise up to 15 vocal tracks to record choirs.