Artwork: Marie Léon

BMM compilations are a great place to start exploring the catalog, and they give a great tour of the label’s universe and roster of artists.

BMM Records was born out of the collaboration between two childhood friends, Louis Treffel and Joseph Petitpain. Before being the label that it is today, BMM was originally a radioshow called The Mother Funker Show that first aired on Radio Campus Grenoble in 2010. It eventually grew into a blog, Black Milk Music, gathering interviews of artists during festivals and gigs. If you dig deep enough in our Mixcloud and YouTube channels you might find some remains of it.

During that time, Louis and Joseph met artists from various backgrounds with whom they grew up and evolved, until a compilation project came up: the Funkanozor series, three mixtapes blending funk, soul, jazz, electronic and hip-hop, featuring artists such as M.A BEAT!, The Fat Badgers, Mr.Troy and many more. In order to publish the first volume on compact disc, they created BMM Records and the label was born.

Since the first releases, Louis, Joseph and the artists on board developed a sense of thoroughness in music production and an ever-growing desire to redefine their musical universe with a unique and organic sound, forged through the years at the BMM Land recording studio in Nancy.

In 2020, BMM Records Vol. 1 came out, a compilation that shows how far the label have come, featuring a rare eclecticism with both Nancy-based and international artists. The music that is made in BMM Land covers a wide range of styles: from jazz, groove and funk to hip-hop, alternative rock and electronica. Even though the core of the BMM catalog is instrumental groove and black music, Louis and Joseph never were that concerned about music genres, they would rather focus their attention on the shape of the sound and its texture.