Various – Groove Dingueries Vol. 1 LP


Shrink-wrapped 12" vinyl with fully printed sleeve, labels and 12" insert.

Dinguerie \dɛ̃.ɡ(ə.)ʁi\ feminine noun:
(French Argot) Craziness, insane thing.
Ex: "I bought a French jazz record the other day, you need to check this dinguerie"

Since the end of the 2010’s, a new music scene has developed in Northern/Eastern France, Belgium and Switzerland. Echoing the recent innovations brought by the UK jazz scene, or by American labels such as International Anthem and Stones Throw, this French-speaking jazz and groove revival is more suited for live shows and incorporates elements tending towards pop, club music, hip-hop and electronica.

With Groove Dingueries Vol. 1, we have the pleasure to share with you this new sound through 12 tracks curated with love by Le Serveur and DJ Hyperlax.

This “New French Groove” covers a wide spectrum of influences: from the mix of jazz and hip-hop by Zerolex Trio in tribute to Sun Ra, to NCY Milky Band’s sunny piece with latin band Sr. Tumbao, passing by La Récré and their "punk jazz" sweetness, the melodious pop piece of LORD$ that will please any Jacob Collier fan, Swiss group mohs. and their meditative jazztronica, or the bass music bangers from Belgian bands ECHT! and Lander & Adriaan (STUFF.’s drummer and Pomrad).

A1 La Récré - La Lune
A2 Triorität - Krustikal
A3 LORD$ - I'd Really Like
A4 Vonfelt - Le Sable (feat. Blendreed)
A5 KAU trio. - Moonwalker
A6 The Storm Watchers - Mentors
B1 Lander & Adriaan - Bomsi
B2 Zerolex Trio - Hold Steady (feat. Napoleon Maddox)
B3 mohs. - Quartz
B4 Ishkero - Tchoutchoupa
B5 NCY Milky Band - Loco Burn Ad (feat. Sr. Tumbao & Cotchei)

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