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Photo: M.A BEAT!

M.A BEAT! are an indie electronica band, founded in Nancy, France in 2012. The band has released two albums as well as several EPs.

It started as Samy Abboud’s solo project with the debut EP Arbor, and became a trio over the years with Adrien Legay on the drums and Louis Treffel aka Le Serveur on the bass.

With a lot of common yet different influences, M.A BEAT! members create boiling electro-acoustic music where ethereal samples, exotic patchworks & pastiche are meeting in a versatile environment.

If M.A BEAT! was a place, it would be the Liquidrom in Berlin. This sauna where the youth swim to the rhythm of comforting electronica. Their music is often oneiric composed of ethereal details with surrealist samples.