Artwork: Raoul Paoli

It’s a long going friendship and mutual respect between Parisian beatmaker Mr.Troy and MC Junclassic from Jamaica, Queens, New York.

After agreeing they could go further than their first extended collaboration, Figures, which was released in 2012 on Bandcamp, they decided to start a new series of songs. Their second collaborative album, Thinking Out Loud, was released on BMM Records, whose folks appreciate the amazing work of these two dedicated musicians.

True hip-hop has been their primary source of inspiration. Emcee Junclassic delivers his characteristically raw flow and low, booming baritone voice which meshes perfectly with Mr.Troy’s soulful, jazzy and quite futuristic beatwork.

With Thinking Out Loud, Mr.Troy & Junclassic are taking hip-hop back to its golden era !