The Natural Yogurt Band – Spores LP (Green Marbled)


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Limited edition of 300 green marbled LPs designed by Pol Bourdellon

-Toxic and corrosive chemicals may be present
-Do not touch with your bare hands
-Wear appropriate protective equipment
-Skin contact and inhalation can cause severe nausea and hallucinations
-If your record starts to melt or evaporate, keep your distance and report the issue to BMM Records immediately

A1. Vital Signs
A2. Children of the Black Planet
A3. Life Forms
A4. Strange Life on a Distant Planet
A5. Exotic Creatures
A6. First Contact
A7. Obscure Jungle
B1. Warning Signs
B2. Followers of a New Moon
B3. Gas Narcosis
B4. We Are Alone
B5. Possible Danger
B6. Unknown Landscapes

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