The Brothers Nylon – Lofi Sauce LP


Shrink-wrapped 12" vinyl with fully printed sleeve, labels and 12" insert. Edition of 300.

Twin brothers Nick and Mike Rufolo aka The Brothers Nylon are ultra-prolific musicians from Long Island, now based in Melbourne Beach, FL. Since 2010, they have released 30+ albums and 600+ YouTube videos of their studio sessions.

They show a rare musical versatility that ranges from jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, and sometimes psych-rock and dub experiments, mostly instrumental and always recorded through their iconic Tascam 388 tape machine.

In 2016 we released a digital compilation of some of their grooviest tracks titled Golden Bagels, to facilitate diving into their gigantic discography. We now present Lofi Sauce, a sequel gathering 16 colorful instrumentals gems of jazz, funk and soul.

This album might not sound lofi at first glance but it is inspired by the lofi beats movement and lofi hip-hop YouTube channels, a sound they tried to recreate with a more analog instrumentation and production. Lofi Sauce contains some of their most popular tunes like London Falling, Tea Cosy and Ay Uh!, as well as some forgotten treats that were still unreleased to this day: Bagel Boy, Wave Remote, Beach Comber… which will all be available December 16 on digital and 12” vinyl.

A1 Dilla Esque
A2 Wouldn't You
A3 Tea Cosy
A4 Bagel Boy
A5 Jazz Yular
A6 Chill
A7 London Falling
B1 Da Dozen
B2 Elevator Vibes II
B3 Ay-Uh!
B4 Beach Comber
B5 Wave Remove
B6 Elevator Vibes 12
B7 Lo-Fi Sauce
B8 Lo-Fi Sauce 4
B9 Summer Steeze

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