Allez Kiki Fermentation – Gusto di Luce LP


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Gusto di Luce is the debut album by Italian double bass player and former winemaker Fabio Bordignon aka Allez Kiki, and his backing band Fermentation. Gusto di Luce, meaning the taste of light, is also an oenological term referring to the taste that a bottle of wine takes when it is left too long in the sun.
Through 5 original pieces and 3 instrumental covers of his own previous solo singles (Bourguignon, Estinto Omicida and Hydromiel 2022), Fabio paints a simple, spontaneous portrait of his work routine in the wine cellars near Bordeaux, with bright and refreshing jazz-funk with hints of soul and disco.

A1 Lievito Vanigliato
A2 Saint-Émilion
A3 Bourguignon
A4 Orso Pacifico
B1 Hydromiel 2022
B2 Estinto Omicida
B3 Autro
B4 QMQS (Demo)