NCY Milky Band – Our Gurus 7″ Vinyl


45 rows-per-minute 7 inches vinyl with fully printed labels in white BMM stamped discobag and transparent outer sleeve.

This release compiles audio tracks from the video series titled "Our Gurus", which consists of studio sessions with The NCY Milky Band covering songs from artists and musicians who inspired them the most. When you listen to the NCY Milky Band, you get caught up by their warm sound skillfully composed of soulful melodies, hip hop rhythms, jazz flights and some well-felt electronic incursions. A sound, in which percussion scratches and bass notes bite, sublimated by the mythical Fender Rhodes keyboard, reawakening that sweet sound from the past. With an undeniable touch of modernity, the NCY Milky Band are one of today's very rare bands that can be labelled as french groove, bringing back a movement from the 70's that incarnated people as important in music as unknown to the general public, such as Bernard Estardy, Janko Nilovic, Georges Garvarentz, Alain Mion from Cortex, Jean-Claude Vannier, Nino Nardini and Roger Roger.

A1 Boards Of Canada Part. I
A2 Vannier Or Gainsbourg ?
B Archie Bell & The Drells

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