Photo: Théo Camus

Franck Flower was formed in 2018 by Arthur Schwarz, Félix Tellitocci and Milan Kohlhaas, three young musicians who come from the jazz and drama conservatory of Nancy. They mainly take influence from indie, pop and alternative rock such as Radiohead, Amor Blitz and Stereolab but aren’t that far from shoegaze, krautrock and dreampop.

From this musical background they have crafted a unique sound that explores various possibilities of organic instrumental dialogs between guitar, bass and drums. In their music, the three youngsters tackle notions of spontaneity and teenage fragility with lyricism and complex pop melodies.

Since 2018 they have worked on the singular and delicate approach of their compositions, and the spectacular energy that emerges from their live shows. Thanks to their solid background in video production, they entirely produced, directed and edited two music videos, Florist and I’m Absent (That’s Why).

In 2019, they release their debut EP, Era, on BMM Records, finally engraving five studio songs filled with sensitivity and existential angst on a seven inches record.