Photo: Thomas Basso

Allez Kiki started brewing in the head of Italian musician Fabio Bordignon, nicknamed ”Kiki” by his work colleagues, during the 2018 harvest at a winery near Bordeaux.

Fabio is a former winemaker, double bass player and produces mead in his home since 2012. In 2021, he released Bourguignon, Estinto Omicida and Hydromiel 2021, all self-produced electronica and downtempo singles that reveal his creative approach and undeniable taste for groove music.

From fermentation to tasting, spirituous drinks are the central theme of Fabio’s musical universe.

Fermentation is in fact the name given to his backing band, consisting of Gianluca Spagnolo on drums, Massimiliano Brunetta on keyboards and Tommaso Cipresso on Vibraphone, long-time friends with whom Fabio has already shared the stage, most famously in the band of Italian-disco artist Alex Fernet.

Their debut album is titled Gusto di Luce (the taste of light), an oenological term referring to the taste wine takes when it is left too long in the sun. A well-chosen name to illustrate their bright and refreshing jazz-funk sound with hints of soul and disco.