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Ghost In The Tapes - Holidays On Earth LP

Ghost In The Tapes - Holidays On Earth LP

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Second album by French-Japanese electronica-rap duo Ghost In The Tapes on 12 inch vinyl, exploring further into rap, jazz, electronica and Japanese folk hybrids.
Comes with stickers and download codes.

Artwork by Ruff Mercy.
Edition of 300.

A1. Spirit of the Immortal Joy (feat. Yama Warashi)
A2. Many Flowers (feat. Ermhoi & Joseph Wallace)
A3. Holidays on Earth (feat. Hungerhill & Donna Thompson)
A4. Karaoke Dream (feat. Yama Warashi)
AT 5. Ectoplasm
A6. Atom Dance
A7. Jaw Spinner (feat. Hungerhill & Joseph Wallace)
B1. Fog (feat. Julia Shortreed & Hungerhill)
B2. Sunbeams
B3. All of Me (feat. Momoko Gill)
B4. Quicksand (feat. Julia Shortreed)
B5. Ununited

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