Photo: Louis Treffel

“vecteur0 is a hybrid car with three drivers: it drifts, it slaloms but it drives”

This is the new trio that emerged from the very active jazz scene in Nancy, and more precisely from the apartment located in the Trois Maisons district where most of the members of the NCY Milky Band and their musician friends from the Nancy Conservatory stayed.

vecteur0 is formed by Achille Landois, a graduate jazz doublebass player who plays in various bands in Nancy including the TACET and other BMM Records projects, Adrien Legay, drummer and former student at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, known for his performances in The Storm Watchers and M.A BEAT!, and finally Quentin Thomas from NCY Milky Band, who mixes in this formation the roles of saxophonist, flutist, and keyboardist.

The three musicians built a highway from the acoustic and improvisational side of jazz all the way up to modern electronica, and they ride it at full speed.

With jazz influences such as Peter Eldh, Sam Wilkes or Ahmad Jamal’s version of the Poinciana standard, and a touch of alternative rock, experimental folk and vaporwave similar to Broadcast, Stereolab or 18 Carat Affair, their music is meditative and adventurous, with swirling saxophones, soothing flutes, heavy doublebass lines and bright synths over choppy rhythms.