Photo: The Brothers Nylon

Mike and Nick Rufolo are two twin brothers ailing from Long Island, New York. Under their moniker The Brothers Nylon, they have released about 30 albums since 2013, a pace that is hard to keep up and making their discography already hard to dig into easily.

The Golden Bagels compilation was curated to represent their enthusiasm, energy and willingness to experiment with the sounds. As they say: «If it makes sound, it’s for twins».

They gained success and visibility from their YouTube channel, where they regularly post new live sessions, sometimes more than twice a week.

The Nylon bros are playing around with all kinds of instruments and analogue equipment. Their creativity knows no limitations and allows for lofi beats as well as cinematic funk & soul breaks, library music, progressive rock and Zappa-esque adventures. Their sound is very old school with the heavy use of tape machine hiss and vintage instruments.

They already got support from great artists like Shawn Lee and Georgia Anne Muldrow and there will surely be more to come.