Video: Simon Dosdat

NCY Milky Band is an experimental jazz quartet from Nancy, who made their debuts as the label’s backing band.

Made up of keyboardist, producer and BMM Records co-founder Louis Treffel, Paul Lefèvre on the drums and Antoine Léonardon on the bass, both currently studying at Paris’ National Conservatory, and finally saxophonist and music teacher Quentin Thomas.

These four children of the groove have been pushing the boundaris of jazz in the French scene for a few years.

At the beginning of 2020, NCY Milky Band released their cover album Our Gurus, a complete manifesto of their jazz, funk, hip hop and electronic influences. These studio musicians and producers echo back to the 70’s French groove movement and take inspiration from composers like Cortex, Vannier or De Roubaix, but also from recent acts such as Badbadnotgood or Madlib.

Their 2021 studio album, Burn’IN, was highly acclaimed by DJs and musical press worldwide. Their euphoric compositions blends melodic generosity with goofy synth loops, and covers a wide range of moods from saxophone-filled slow jams to quirky tripped-out pop.