Video: Edouard Jattiot & Laurent Tempels

NCY Milky Band is a French quartet based in Nancy and lead by BMM Records co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Louis Treffel aka Le Serveur. It originally featured David Sireyjol on the Rhodes, Hung Ton on the guitar and piano, and Adrien Legay (The Storm Watchers) on the drums.

They reformed in 2019 with saxophonist Quentin Thomas, bassist Antoine Léonardon and drummer Paul Lefèvre. A few jam sessions at the BMM Land studio went by and they started shooting a series of studio videos titled Our Gurus, in which they covered common influences such as Boards of Canada, Jean-Claude Vannier, Madlib, or in the second volume that followed in 2023: Aphex Twin, Pierre Henry, Galt MacDermot…

Their debut album Burn’IN came out in 2021, oscillating between funky mood enhancers and nostalgic saxophone-driven slow jams, topped by Louis’ undeniable need for experimentation.

As the album gained recognition within the French jazz scene, the backing band making cover videos and grooving behind local artists such as Cotchei and Léon Evangelion started evolving into a fully independent act that offers unique hybrids between French groove, jazz, funk, hip-hop and electronica.

Composed and recorded while touring, their second album titled 100 Ans explores new horizons in a melting pot of references from French soundtrack and 70’s psychedelia to contemporary hip-hop and acid house. Working with collaborators such as Quelle Chris and FLUPKE helped them expand their field of action. Their compositions are thought of as sonic photographs of everyday life, aiming to reflect real situations which, expressed in music, become distorted, blurred and dreamlike.