Louis Treffel aka Le Serveur is a Nancy-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ. He co-founded BMM Records with Joseph Petitpain in 2012, and runs the BMM Land studio.

Le Serveur is also a qualified digger, his influences range from French groove, jazz, funk and library music to electronic and experimental music.

His debut album, Roomies, was released in 2014 and includes collaborations with Shawn Lee, AJ aka LTF and Noza.

In 2015-2016 he released Études Pour Gamers, a groovy release in two volumes inspired by video game soundtracks, followed by a collaborative EP alongside Cotchei and Noza.

His discography expands beyond his solo works, as he is the leader/keyboardist of cosmic jazz quartet NCY Milky Band and bassist from electronica band M.A BEAT!. He’s also been involved with many other releases within the label as a mixing engineer.