Art: Mad Muddler & Studio Monströös

Le Commandant Couche-Tôt is the brainchild of Berlin based French funk keyboardist and record collector Anthony Malka. After 5 releases and 150+ gigs with his electro-funk trio The Hoo, he decided to deep digger into his own piano compositions. He collected a lot of sketches that he accumulated in the last couple of years and decided to start developing the most relevant ideas out of them.

Le Commandant aims to put collaboration at the center of his musical projects. On his first EP, he had the pleasure to collaborate with a team of fine groovers from Berlin, jazz guitarist and arranger Paul Audoynaud, Sydney-born vocalist Youka Manouka and one guest de luxe, Hervé Salters from General Elektriks.

His second EP takes you to a more tropical landscape, with Brazilian funk, neo-soul and soulful disco influences. Once again Le Commandant gathered a fine team of acid jazz legends such as Alex Malheiros, Omar Lye-Fook and Nick Van Gelder plus some house and hip-hop remixes by Souleance, Fouk, Paul Cut, Max Graef, FLUPKE and Dapdown.

Anthony’s music gives a lot of attention to details to achieve a very ”Berlin DIY” aesthetic that creates this very unique and intimate sound, halfway between old and new.