Art: Mad Muddler & Studio Monströös

Le Commandant Couche-Tôt is the brainchild of Berlin based French funk keyboardist and record collector Anthony Malka. After 5 releases and 150+ gigs with the electro-funk trio The Hoo, he decided to deep digger into his own piano compositions. He collected a lot of sketches that he accumulated in the last couple of years and decided to start developing the most relevant ideas out of them. He’s then been supported by jazz guitarist and arranger Paul Audoynaud who brought a very cinematic and richly arranged touch to the tracks. The reunion of Malka’s more urban expertise and Audoynaud’s jazz background creates a very sophisticated, warm and groovy sound.

Le Commandant had the pleasure to collaborate on the record with a few Berlin finest groovers such as Fabian Rösch (drums) from neo soul combo Lion’s Sphere, Lutz Streun (bass clarinet wizardry) part of experimental groove trio Bobby Rausch, Héloise Lefebvre (string arrangement) from alt-jazz sextet Sun Dew, Sydney born vocalist and shamisen player Youka Manouka and one guest de luxe, Hervé Salters from General Elektriks who offered a memorable Whammy powered clavinet solo on S.O.S.

The recording of the EP gives a lot of attention to details and gets a very Berlin DIY aesthetic that creates this very unique and intimate sound. To orchestrate the whole process Le Commandant collaborated with record engineer Charis Karantzas (Heartcore Records). Sam Berdah from the Wall Studios added the very last touch to the record.

The EP is a very intense 17min odyssey oscillating between a laid back Lalo Schiffrinesque opening, going through mysterious and rich late 60s film noir soundtrack sounds and back to lush and enchanting grooves supported by the versatile vocals of Youka Manouka, offering a memorable Japanese verse on Le Chant des Sirènes.

Anthony Malka is already working on the second EP that should mean his live debut as Le Commandant Couche-Tôt.