Photo: Moses Moro

Ghost In The Tapes is a musical project founded by Genshu Fukaya, who is behind the microphone and production and Samy Abboud, multi-instrumentalist and also founder of French electronica band M.A BEAT!.

The unit’s creative modus operandi is based on collaboration with diverse instrumentalists and vocalists blended with ever changing production ideas.

Their first project, Happily Confused released in April 2020 on Bindividual and BMM Records, features songs that were recorded around the world, including New York, Tokyo, London and France with local guests. Since then, the band has moved its base to London at the now legendary Total Refreshment Center, the heartbeat of recent years’ UK Jazz scene (with members including Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Yusef Kamaal, Emma-Jean Thackray, The Comet Is Coming, Kokoroko, etc).

The project has pushed the envelope even further while consolidating their identity on their new LP Holidays On Earth, relying more on live instruments and welcoming a whopping 26 guests, such as Danalogue, Matt Gedrych, Marysia Osu, Arthur Sajas, Ermhoi, PremRock.

The instrumentals are rich with textures, synthesizers, harps, flutes, strings and vocal harmonies that keep on evolving stylistically, keeping you guessing what’s next. You will find post-punk, musique concrète-inspired moments, classical music and jazz nods, drum n bass and boom bap reinterpretations, trip hop and their take on Japanese folk and ambient… all of it amounting to a journey full of left turns.