Photo: Moses Moro

Ghost In The Tapes is a musical project founded by Genshu Fukaya, who is behind the microphone and production and Samy Abboud, multi-instrumentalist and producer of French electronica band M.A BEAT!

The group is first and foremost a project based on collaboration. Their first album, Happily Confused, was released April 18th 2020 in France with BMM Records and in Japan with Bindividual Records, and features heavy sampling from the beyond and voices from around the world such as Canadian-Japanese singer-songwriter Julia Shortreed, Queens-based MC’s Jugo and Willfromqnz, French rap collective Les Gars Du Coin and Joseph Wallace from London.

Live instruments are also in the mix as Quentin Thomas and Louis Treffel (both members of comsic jazz unit NCY Milky Band and the latter of M.A BEAT!) participate with saxophone and bass respectively.

Collaborations extend to the album cover art, with Bristol based animator and artist Ruff Mercy tagging along. He has previously worked with some of the greatest: Thom Yorke, Nas, Flying Lotus, Disclosure and many more.

In short, Ghost In The Tapes is a project where worldwide talents are coming together to create this brilliant blend of ethereal and futuristic music, taking inspirations from various currents of hip-hop.