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The Natural Yogurt Band – Spectral Flux 7″ Vinyl


45 rows-per-minute 7 inches vinyl with fully printed labels in white BMM stamped discobag and transparent outer sleeve.

The space groove odyssey of The Natural Yogurt Band continues in the black grooves of the Milky Way. After exploring the majestic Neptune and its 13 moons, revealing one of the best-kept secrets of the cosmic-groove ascending jazz universe, The Natural Yogurt Band continues its mission as David Bowman and Franck Poole of Clarke and Kubrick, in 1968. Simple coincidence or bad shot of the not so artificial and petty intelligence of CARL900. The story does not say it (yet) but we can think that the sound of this new 45 of four intergalactic gates brings incredibly futuristic answers to the mysterious origins of this music that lives in us!

A1 It's Gonna Be Alright
A2 Punchbag
B1 This Way Or That Way
B2 Water Into Wine

Sold out

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