Domotic – Nacre 7″ Vinyl


45 rows-per-minute 7 inches vinyl with fully printed labels in white BMM stamped discobag and transparent outer sleeve.

Domotic likes to knit with machines and random instruments that fall into his hand, embroidering electric canvas that will embellish your clothless tables. For this new EP he's been working on some patterns that aren't so easy to translate into sound. The "Nacre", a bit gravelly at first, is nicely polished until it reaches such a high state of brightness it could light on any dancefloor. Aerial and undulating, the "Javelot" pierces through our ears with an incredible clearness. For "Granit", the beat is of course heavy but shaped with such sensitivity that it becomes incredibly light. Finally, for exotism enthusiasts, our talented tailor Domotic plays his color machine to paint the sky with the colorful feathers of these majestic birds, whose psychedelic songs echo up to the canopy tops. With this four-tracker, Domotic aka Stéphane Laporte weaves a new line of the solid spider web that is his discography, as impressive in quantity as in quality, that BMM Records is very proud to be involved in.

A1 Nacre
A2 Javelot
B1 Granit
B2 Perroquet

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