Artwork: Dylan Cote

After more than 10 years in music production, Jérémy Vieille aka Zerolex still hasn’t quenched his thirst for experimentation. So he joins forces with the saxophonist of his trio, Côme Rothé aka Chromé to form the duo Matsutake.

This new alias was created to illustrate a project around the history of metallurgy in the French department of Haute-Saône. This project, supported by the concert venue Echo System and the Ethnopôle of the departmental museums of Haute-Saône, takes the form of a book-record aiming to “Make matter sing” and to combine the universes of music and ethnology.

Written by ethnologists Noël Barbe and Aurélie Dumain and published by La Clé à Molette, this work deals with places, objects and their history, in particular the forges of Baignes, an emblematic site of metallurgy in Haute-Saône, in which this project will come to life in the form of an ephemeral show on June 24, 2023.

The album 1538 dresses up this project with jazzy electronic and pop at first, which progresses slowly towards more cinematic and industrial sounds, tinged with ambient, techno and noise. The saxophones, clarinets and bass guitar match with the synths and drum machines to create beautiful textures and atmospheres. The result is a surprising, immersive and absolutely unique piece in the French jazz scene.

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