Photo: Louis Perruchaud

Émile Sornin, keyboardist known for releasing several albums on Born Bad Records with his baroque-rock band Forever Pavot, met Cédric Laban, the drummer behind Isaac Delusion, 15 years ago at an Iron Maiden concert in Paris.

This alliance gave birth to La Récré, with a first self-titled 4-track EP released on BMM Records in April 2019. Bringing a new sound to the Parisian jazz scene, this EP delivered a hybrid jazz halfway through tradition and modernity, with unexpected cultural references such as Dragon Ball Z.

Their 2020 EP titled Ne Penser À Rien (thinking about nothing) reinforces the literally old-school aesthetic they established with their first EP. Musically, the mix of Rhodes and Moog keyboards orchestrated by Émile Sornin mingles with the bewitching, hip-hop-infused beats of Cédric Laban. Some familiar elements can be found such as the papier-mâché masks which first appeared in their studio sessions at BMM Records’ studio, or the french vocals taken from old televised interviews, following the instrumental part on L’An 2000.