Boris Lodel aka GBO (ISHWA, Whateverest) is a drummer and hip-hop producer based in Strasbourg, eastern France. Drummer since his childhood, it is at the corner of a cloud he met the Giant Mic Ô, his nebulous mentor. Following this mystical experience he took the name of GBO and was introduced to the art of sampling to complete the quest entrusted to him: to produce the perfect beat. At the controls of his MPC, he travels the galaxy looking for soul, jazz or hip-hop pearls.

In 2018, GBO releases Rookie, his debut beat-tape on BMM Records, a soulful and smoky road trip that transpires the city through all the vents of the spirit.

The roundabouts of bitumen are the loops of his MPC while smoky melodies bring us to the meanders of the traffic jam of samples.

Integral helmet screwed on the ears, visor tinged with black gold reflecting the fuzzy flickering neon, GBO takes us to the high gear in a dreamlike contemporary epopee.

Somewhere between present and future, the horizons of concrete are sometimes swept by tsunamis of steaming greenery. One thing is certain, at the end of this urban journey, a single desire, find a pump to refuel !