Photo: Greg Dezecot

Émile Sornin is a relentless explorer of genres and influences, from experimental chanson to psychedelic pop, from music video director to instrument tester (Le Bon Coin Forever documentary). This composer, multi-instrumentalist from La Rochelle had first demonstrated the importance of revisiting 70’s psychedelia in his debut album Rhapsode, released in 2014 on Born Bad Records.

After his collaboration on Charlotte Gainsbourg’s album Rest, Émile Sornin is back again at the machines, from which he extracts surprising sounds. His interest for 70’s film soundtracks, jazz and progressive rock marks his 2017 production, La Pantoufle, a mix of influences ranging from Jacques Tati’s psychedelic touch to Vladimir Cosma, François de Roubaix or Jean-Claude Vannier.

In 2019, Émile lands on the BMM Records catalog with his “punk-jazz” duo project La Récré with Isaac Delusion’s drummer Cédric Laban, and signs for a highly acclaimed trilogy of EPs.

With several short films to his credit, Émile digs his way into cinema by composing original soundtracks for 2020 film De Nos Frères Blessés directed by Hélier Cisterne and 2022 French-Canadian motion picture Babysitter by Monia Chokri.